Задайте 8 различных вопросов:вопрос да/нет,к подлежащему,с вопросительным словом,вопрос с "хвостиком".Используйте схему.
You`re in the book shop.You would like to buy a book to read.Ask the shop assistant about:
-what book to buy
-what kind of book it is
-the price
-what the book is about
-what the main characters are


Ответы и объяснения

What book can you advise me to buy?
This book is very interesting, isn't it?
What kind of book is it?
It is horror or fantasy?
The price of this book is very expensive, isn't it?
What about is the book?
The main characters in this book are people or animals?
Can I read anything about autor of this book? 

1.       What kind of book do you want to buy?
2.       What kind of book can you show me?
3.       The price of the book is not cheap, is it?
4.       Is this book about travelling or business?
5.       Who is the author of this book?
6.       Is this book for children or for teenagers?
7.       Is the famous writer the main hero of the book?
8.       Do you want a book with illustrations?