Choose the right item/
1)I... home very early yesterday afternoon.
a)had come; b)was coming c)came
2)While my friend ....I was watching the birds.
a)fished b)had fished c)was fishing
3)He said I...up the story myself.
a)made b)make c)had made
4)My elder brother ... school 3 years ago.
a)finishes b)finished c)had finished
5)Before mother called us she ...the table.
a)set b)was setting c)had set
(2) Complete the sentences opening the brackets.
1)When the bell rang the children (to run)into the classroom and(to take)their seats.
2)When I opened the door ,the lesson (to begin)and the teacher (to explain)something to the class.
3)Before we (to take)the boy to the theatre he (never to see)a play.
4)By the time we (to arrive)the party(to finish).
5)-What you (to do)when I (to call)you? - I (to cook)
6)When I (to get )to the playground my friend already(to leave)
7)We (to have)a good long holiday after we(to do)all the work.
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1) I... home very early yesterday afternoon. c) came
2) While my friend ....I was watching the birds. c) was fishing
3) He said I...up the story myself. c) had made
4) My elder brother ... school 3 years ago.  b) finished
5) Before mother called us she ...the table.  c) had set 
1) When the bell rang the children ran into  the classroom and took their seats.
2) When I opened the door, the lesson had begun and the teacher was  explaining something to the class.
3) Before we took the boy to the theatre he had never seen a play.
4) By the time we arrived the party had finished.
5) What were you doing when I called you? - I was cooking.
6) When I got to the playground my friend had already left.
7) We had a good long holiday after we had done all the work.