абсолютно любых по грамматике?
нет вы не понели
ну объясните ясней
правило есть там Special Questions, Tag Questions, Alternative Questions, General Questions
спасибо огромное

Ответы и объяснения

Special questions
1.Where did the guests stay overnight?
2.How long have you been waiting for me?
3.Where have you been since 10 o'clock?
4.When did they come?
5.Why didn't you call me?
1.Do you live here?-Yes,i do
2.Do you like french cuisine?-No i don't
3.Are you 17 years old?-No, i'm 21 years old
4.Have the guests lefr already?-Yes the have left
5.Will he see me tomorrow?-actually,i don't knove in Spain
1.Where would you like to live, in Spain or in Italy?-I think i would prefer to live in Spain
2.Do you like tea or coffee?-i like both of them
3.Is your house large or small?-My house is small
4.Are you a student or a pupil?-im a student
5.Where were you last year,in London or in Paris?-I was in London
1.Tom translates articals much better than John,doesn't he?
2.It's a nice weather,isn't it?
3.You know him.dont you?
4.You can't swim,can you?
5.He doen't like coffee,does he?