помогите пожалуйста из пассива в актив перевести...7. the article will be writtenby Peter.8.modern theovies say that
America was discovered bu Columbus in 1492.9.by whom is your French class
tought?10.this room can be used for our cinema club. 11. what kind of
clothes must be worn in the morning?12.the key to this room has been
lost.13.the door was closed with a long(by Edward).14.the glassed bookcases
were filled with files and records of bills paind.15.the letter will be sent
tomorrow in the afternoon (by Mary)


Ответы и объяснения

7. Peter would write an article.
8. Modern theories say that Columbus discovered America in 1492.
9. Who taught your French class?
10. Our cinema club can be in this room .
11. What kind of clothes must be wearing in the morning?
12. Lost the key to this room.
13. Edward closed the door with a long.
Files and records of paid bills filled glazed bookcases.
15. Mary will send a letter tomorrow in the afternoon.
(Сомневаюсь насчет 11 и 12, а так все должно быть правильно:)