Составте предложение со словами(to be fond of gardening, to be fond of travelling, to be fond of reading,to keep fit,,to keep a secret, to keep old letters,to go to bed,to go be bike/by car,to go for a walk).(1 слово 1 предложение) зарание спасибо


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1. My grandma is fond of gardening so our garden always looks stunning.
2. I am fond of traveling and I dream about traveling all around the world!
3. July read so much books because she is fond of reading.
4. I need to do sports twice a week to keep fit.
5. My friend asked me to keep our conversation in secret.
6. My mom was keeping old letters which my dad sent her.
7. Usually I go to bed at 11 o'clock.
8. My dad usually go to work by car but today he decided to go by bike.
9. Freddy likes going for a walk in the evening.