Напишите письмо своему англоговорящего друга. Скажите ей об одном из наиболее известных исторических городов Украины
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Уважаемые .....,
Благодарю вас за ваше письмо . В этом письме я хочу рассказать вам об одном из наиболее известных исторических городов Украины. .....
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Напиши мне в ближайшее время и сообщить мне об этом ..... .
С уважением,
Помогите молю! (я вам рис тогда нарисую :3)


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Dear Mrs. and Mr. Smith .
Thank you for your letter . In this letter, I want to tell you about one of the most famous historical cities of Ukraine. About Kiev Kiev is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, annually attracting millions of guests arriving from different countries of the world. The capital of Ukraine is rich not only historical monuments, interesting museums, unique architectural objects, but also boasts an abundance of scenic parks, green gardens and the wonderful natural landsafturi occupies 839 square km, with a population of approximately 3 million people. On the territory of Kyiv dominates the climate is temperate continental, with mild winter and warm summer sun. From December to February temperatures are often drop to below -5 C, and from June to September, the temperature regularly rises higher than +20, periodically Paskaleva of +30. Rainfall is distributed more or less evenly, but their total number is not as much. You can come here throughout godalgots purchases in Kiev, too, is where to turn. The number of large shopping centres and a nice, small boutiques able to impress even the most seasoned shopper. The most common places for the implementation of the plans embezzlement of funds, are the Central Department store on the street Khmelnitsky, as well as Andreevsky Spusk and Khreshchatyk street, with its many souvenir shops and shops.Write me soon and tell me about this wonderful city.
Sincerely, Anka