Перевод плиз задания 12 очень срочно умаляю быстрее спасибо заранее


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На держи !

1. Olga ten years. She is tall girl, slender
and beautiful. Her big dark eyes and long blonde hair. Olya good and
friendly. She is very smart. She knows how to play the piano and write poems. She
there are two sisters. Lena thirteen years. She speaks two languages, English and
the French. Masha eight years. Younger sister noisy and funny. She sings and

2. We are a large family. My mother is a teacher. Her
thirty-five years. She's tall, dark and very beautiful. Mom is good and
smart. She is good at cooking. Pope forty years. He is tall and slender. Dad knows how
to play the guitar and piano. He's a wonderful friend. My brother fifteen years.
He's big and strong. His name was Dima. He was fond of drawing and computer
games. My grandmother sixty-five years old, and his grandfather seventy. They are very