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Naliboksky dense forest - by miracle the remained natural corner to the west of Minsk all in any 70 kilometers.Once, a century ago, it was much more. More than once rescued Belarus from aggressors of various times and the people. About it the cavalry of the Mongolian khans stumbled: didn't risk степняки to enter into the virgin and dense forests concealing in a set of dangers - from bogs with the mosquitoes jamming horses and soldiers, to the killing arrow which has been let out from a green thicket. In a dense forest knights Teutons, and centuries later - their descendants, soldiers of Wehrmacht completely disappeared. However, not for long, as understood hopelessness of army counterguerilla operations.To tell the truth, this massif consists of several dense forests - Pershaysko-Volozhinsky (closer to Ivents and Rakov), Rudmyansky and Count (about Columns) and, actually, Massif Central called Naliboksky.