Make these sentences negative.
1, he translated the text.
2.I ate a good dinner.
3. Ann spoke much at dinner.
4. Sean liked his new trainers very much.
5. Mariana had a long dark hair.
6. Father drank much tea in the morning.
7. I saw the planes in the sky.
8. Patrick drew very good pictures.
9. pupils went to school on Saturday.
10. Jack wrote a long letter.


Ответы и объяснения

1) He don't translate the text
2) I don't ate a good diner
3) Ann didn't speak much at dinner
4) Sean don't like his new trainers very much
5)Mariana don't had a long dark hair
6)Father don't drank mush tea in the morning
7) I don't saw a planes in the sky
8) Patrick don't drew a good pictures
9)Pupils don't went to school on Saturday
10) Jack don't wrote a long letter 
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