Написать тему на тему MEANS OF COMMUNICATION.Плизззз срочно надо.Заранее спасибо)))


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A lot of people are fond of watching TV. others say that television is becoming a national disease. Every  day millions of peaple watch TV find it the best way of entertainment, personally , i spend at last two hours a day watching TV. television gives me food for thought. There is a great variety of programs on TV. There are a lot of excellent educational programs for children and teenagers.

However , there are a lot of siily programs. Some people don,t  choose what they watch and they are glued to the screen the whole days. The jther problem is that there is too much violence on TV.Every day we are reported about natural disasters , murders. 

 To conclude , it's up to you to dicide what to whatch and how mucy time to spend in front of the TV-set.