Допишите следующие предложения, образуя разделительные вопросы.

1. She looks like
you, ...? 2. It isn't cold today, ...? 3. You saw him at the club yesterday,
...? 4. They won't come today, ...? 5. You haven't bought your ticket yet, ...?
6. You play piano, ...? 7. You will travel by plane, ...? 8. He can't speak
English, ...? 9. She ought to go there at once, ...? 10. They are not in town,
...? 11. We shall see you tomorrow, ...? I? You don't know her, ...?


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She looks like you,doesnt she?
you saw him at the club yesterday, wasnt you?
it isnt cold today, isnt it?
they wont come today, wont they?
you havent bought your tiket yet, havent you?
you play piano,do you?
you will travel by plane, willnt you?
he cant speak English, cant he?
she ought to theater at once,oughtnt she?
they are not in town, arent they?
we shall see you tomorrow,shalnt we?
you dont know her,dont you?