Пожалуйста помогите ответить на вопросы 1.Was your mum at work yesterday .
Was your dad in Belarus yesterday ? Were you at school yesterday ? Were your parents tired yesterday ? Was it sunny yesterday ? Was your friend in the library yesterday ? Was your pet hungry yesterday 2. пожалуйста помогите вставить , am ,is,are,was , were . Today is Monday.Yesterday ________ Sunday. Today ______ cloudy .Yesterday ______sunny. This year I ______ 10. Last year I _______ 9. This year I _____ in Class 3A. Last year I _____ in Class 2A. This year I ______ 130 cm tall. Last year I _____ 127 cm tall. Steve and Maggie ______ in Britain now . Last week they ______ in Belarus . Whoozy and Lumpy __________ in Britain now. Last week they ______ in Whoozieland . 3.пожалуйста помогите обвести в кружок а или d чтобы было верно a I was tired yesterday . d I "m tired yesterday . a I am 9 years old . d I have 9 years old . a It"s the therteen of May .d It"s the thirteenth of May . a You wos happy . d You were happy. 4. помогите пожалуйста вставить was или were I _____ very happy . The cake ________ very big . My friends _______ noisy . My parents _____ tired . 5. помогите исправить предложения Im oldest than my brother. My birthday is on the twenty one of April. Today is my mum birthday. My mum happy today . Yesterday is the fifth of May. 6. February 23 rd - the twenty - third of February September 4th - May 1st - January 7th- March 2nd -


Ответы и объяснения

Yes , she was. No , he wasn't. No ,I was not. No, they were not. Yes ,it was.Yes ,he was .No,it wasn"t.