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что нужно сделать ? Перед этим , наверное , идёт текст ?
ссылка вверху первой картинки.

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Because they decided to  set out  to seek their fortune with him.
Because they were sitting 
 round a table and  counting their money.
Because they were together and they knew that they could frighten the robbers.
Because Jack and animals 
 made a dreadful noise all together.
Because when one of them returned to the house he was frightened by animals, but decided that those were dreadful people.

I think they stayed there for a very long time because they found new friends and realized that it is the fortune they were seeking.
The difference is that in German fairy tale are only animals (donkey, dog, cat and cock) who ran away from who wanted to kill them. That is the reason why I like the English fairy tale. I think that it is not fair and not right to kill your peе if it became old and can't be useful for you anymore.

Jack and the cat and the dog and the cow and the goat and the cock walked until it got dark and they found  a house where they could spend the night. Jack peeped through the window and he saw the robbers round a table, and they were counting their money. He told his friends to make as much noise as they can, and they all together made such a dreadful noise that it frightened the robbers and they all ran away.
Then Jack and his friends went inside the house to have a good sleep. Everybody found a comfortable place to sleep. The cat lay down on the rocking-chair, and the dog lay under the table, and the goat lay down at the top of the stairs, and the cow went into the cellar where it was nice and cool, and the cock settled down on the roof, and Jack blew out the lamp  and went to bed.
When the house became was dark and everything was quiet. Then the robbers decided to return to their house. So they told one man to go back and see if everything was all right.
He went to the house, but soon he came running back, all out of breath and very frightened. He said that it's a dreadful place. And he met there an old woman who stuck her knitting-needles into him, and an old man under the table, who stuck his pincers into him, the other old woman with a sweeping-brush who knocked him down the stairs, the other man was chopping wood, and hit the robber on the head with his axe but the worst little old man was on the roof he shouted to throw the robber up to him. So the robbers never went there again. Jack and his friends stayed in the house as long as they liked.
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Пожалуйста! Вам тоже спасибо!:)