Решите ! Срочно !
Dear Polly,
How are the things going on? I know that you are busy with your studying, I am also as busy as a bee these days. Lots of homework, you know... But I usually have an active rest. I try to take the advantage of good weather and go jogging in the park every morning. Today after half an hour run I feel fine. A little exercise each day helps me keep fit.
Dan has joined the school Sports Club this year. He wants to set и school record in swimming and running, and he is training hard for that. Everyday training has done wonders for his stamina. His
results are discussed at home almost every day. Dan’s parents want i him to participate in sports competitions. They are really proud of \ his wonderful achievements.
Now we’ve got a new PE teacher at school. He’s going to start a badminton club, which sounds like fun. So I think I’ll try that -though I hardly imagine where I’ll find the time.
Do you go in for sports, Polly? Would you like to join any sports club? Write to me soon.
Sincerely yours, ( Ann - Это текст . На вопросы .... Желательно с переводом


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your letter. I am sorry I haven’t answered earlier but I was really busy with my school. I was glad to answer your question. I think every day is difficult in school.
You asked me about the reaction of teachers to mobiles at school. I agree with teachers because we shouldn’t have the phone and especially use it during the lesson. They take it and give back only to parents. I don’t use it during lessons. If I have a call, I ask for a permission to go out. I hope youdon’t use phone at school during lessons. We aren’t allowed to use phone at school. I consider it’s very good idea. Good luck.
What do you think about your teachers? Do you like them? Do you like English? What are you doing now?
Write me soon.