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 In the childhood  often said to me that computer games it is bad: they develop cruelty, dependence, damage eyesight and many damnations poured on poor developers.
let's argue, and whether there is an advantage of such type of leisure?
At First, games help to relax and remove a stress. For example, after the unlucky working day, there is nothing better than покрамсать the zombie or to finish with newcomers taken our native planet. As scientists found out, the person has a deep immersion to the virtual world, forcing to forget about problems of the real life for a while.
Secondly, computer games help with learning of foreign languages. The majority of license games is issued in English owing to what, the person, is simply compelled to hear constantly words it seems: game over, perfect, mission complete, find, gold, experience etc. Over time even without dictionary use our lexicon in English considerably increases.
Thirdly, computer games help with education. And technologies of games use many world universities: Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, etc. Especially, various historical strategy help not only to remember battle date, but also to become the participant of this historical event, let only virtually. Present if you studied at school and at a lesson devoted, to you opportunity for 45 minutes to feel the great commander would be presented to Alexander of Macedon's gains. I think, the material would be acquired much better.
Scientists and public figures brought up a question of, whether various computer "shooter games" where a main objective of game — to kill and destroy the opponent can, using different types of the weapon, to cause cruelty in the person in relation to the real world. So, in connection with tragic events in Norway when the man killed the compatriots from the weapon, all cruel computer games were withdrawn from sale for some time. After all and this Norwegian simply played before similar games on the computer. Cruel games develop tendency to real violence. The American scientists believe that they managed to prove existence of relationship of cause and effect between hobby for the computer games including numerous scenes of virtual cruelty, and aggressive behavior of players in reality. Communication between virtual and real aggression isn't a secret, however interpretation of this communication causes disputes among experts: the inclination to virtual cruelty can be both the reason, and a consequence of tendency to deviant behavior.