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The little boy with the Golden hair who lives there, on a distant planet, and only occasionally appears on Earth, as I would like to meet with you! You're the hero of my favorite books, which can be called the source of good and true wisdom. As excited me a wonderful tale about you! And smiles, and you will become sad when I read the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery «the Little Prince». And most importantly - think about the world of the people: children and adults. Unfortunately, the lives of many adults monotonous, dull, they cease to believe in a miracle, a dream to enjoy the flower, bright borer. But as it was fine when in the soul of every adult was ringing with merry laughter of the Little Prince. The little Prince wonderful, honest, bright boy. Its basic law: you are always responsible for those who tamed.

Every morning he, as a good and caring owner, gives way on their own planet, rooting out the little baobabs that evil is not destroyed his planet that evil is not good won. I was especially excited thoughts of the writer about friendship. Friendship is always sense the voice of the heart, to bring joy to another person, to protect him, to trust him. The writer and the reader truly believe that the Little Prince returns to earth, will reveal to them the secrets, and then will come into oblivion quarrels, will stop war. Peace and harmony will reign on our planet.