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Sport and Healthy Lifestyle
Sport and health are closely related. Generally speaking health has several components and sport is one of them. Others are healthy diet, hasteless and calm lifestyle, being in harmony with yourself and with others and positive attitude, of course. Sport is regarded more as a component of physical health. However, everybody knows that healthy body means sound mind. Sport is mostly associated with young people, but that’s a false opinion. Many old people also regularly exercise. Nowadays, there are several ways to keep fit. First is to do regular morning exercises. Second is to exercise during the day through cycling, roller-skating, walking in the park, jogging, swimming, ice-skating etc. And the third way is to attend specialized fitness – centers, which can be found nearly everywhere now. They offer wide opportunities for people with different needs. They are often combined with swimming-pools or ice-rinks. There are many opportunities for such exercises as yoga, aerobics, karate, belly dancing, body building, weightlifting, and a simple work out in the gym. Children also have numerous opportunities to keep fit. Every school offers physical education as a compulsory subject. Some schools even offer swimming lessons in summer and skiing lessons in winter. The most popular sports in our country are gymnastics, figure skating, football, hockey, skiing, athletics, swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball and some others. Everybody can choose the type of sport they want to do. Some people even become professionals; some simply do it as an amateur in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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If you do sport you`re feel great and it also useful for you health! You should do morning exercises 10 or 20 min.Support the sports nutrition as well as not to miss gym class and only then you will be in good mood!