Complete the wishes and then make conditional sentenses as in the example:
1. (i got wet. i should have taken my raincoat with me.)
*I wish i had taken my raincoat with me
*if i had taken my raincoat with me, i wouldn't have got wet.

2.(i failed my exams. i should have studied harder)
* I wish .....

3.(i can't buy a sports car. i don't have enough money)
*i wish.........

4.(i have too much homework to do. i can't go out with my friends)
*I wish.....


Ответы и объяснения

2) I wish I had studied harder
If I had studied harder I wouldn't have failed my exams.
3)I wish I had enough money to buy a sport car
If I had enough money I would buy a sport car.
4) I wish I could go out with my friends
If I had less homework to do I would go out with my friends