Напиши сочинение про свой день на летних каникулах по английски (сложный текст).


Ответы и объяснения

After my hard and busy school year my summer holidays began. I felt happy when hard and busy school year finished and summer holidays began.I started to plan a lot of wonderful things to do during my summer vocation.
I was dreaming about visiting far south countries I always wanted to visit. For example , I dreamed to visit, Greece islands or Spanish beaches.But I had to go to the Azov Sea seaside with my parents.The water was very warm there , because the Sea of Azov isn't deep.There were different kinds of entertainments there.Best of all I liked water scooters and discos .
There was nothing to do all day except taking sunbathes and swimming . I was playing with my little sister on the sand and taught her to swim.Later,I returned home and spent some time there going out withe my friends , reading, listening to the music, watching TV and playing computer games.After that I went to the sport camp where I spent twenty days with my friends.
It was very useful experience for us , because we had to get up very early , to train a lot. But it made us stronger and healthier.