Письмо на английском языке на тему "я вчера ходил в магазин" слов 90-100 кто напишит первый дам лучший ответ прошу на до для ГИА


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Shopping is very exciting activity. I like wondering around different boutiques and trying some beautiful clothes.
Yesterday I were in the mall just looking for a new t-shirt for summer. Suddenly I mentioned little boy sitting in the far corner of the shop and crying. I came to him and asked if he ned some help and why he was crying. He told me that he lost his mom while playing with some toys in the shop. I took his hand and we went to the manager of the mall. She understood our problem and after asking boy's name told into the loudspeaker that the boy was lost on the second floor and waiting for his mom there. In a minute his mom ran into the shop crying and hug her son. They were so happy to find each other.
So that day not only did I do shopping but also helped child in difficult situation and I'm very proud of this.
блин, получилось немного больше слов, чем необходимо. простите