Exercise 1

Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

Use the Indefinite Tenses (give two forms where possible).

Example: Tom gave her a book. — She was given a book. The book was given to her.

1. He broke my watch. 2. The teacher explained the rule to the students. 3. He often asks me to help them. 4. They usually do written exercises in class. 5. She will make a new discovery soon. 6. Steve will make a report at the conference. 7. They play tennis all year round. 8. His friends never forgave his betrayal. 9. The manager offers me several jobs. 10. They will promise you much, but don't imagine they will give you everything. 11. His parents regularly sent him parcels with fruit from their garden. 12. They will give me a leave in July if there is no urgent work. 13. The Spanish government offered Columbus three ships. 14. They usually send their children to camp for summer. 15. The officer charged him with a very important mission. 16. I'm sure we'll settle the matter easily. 17. The policeman fined the driver for exceeding the speed limit. 18. Somebody calls her every day. 19. We request the passengers leaving for London to register. 20. The manager will sign contracts tomorrow.


Ответы и объяснения

Возможны где-то ошибки, но вроде все верно.
1. My watch was broken by him.
2. The rule was explained by teacher to the students.
3. I am often asked by him to help them.
4. Written exercises are usually done by them in class.
5. A new discovery will be made by her soon.
6. A report will be made by Steve at the conference.
7. Tennis is played by them all year round.
8. His betrayal was never forgiven by his friends.
9. Several jobs are offered to me by the manager.
10. Much will be promised to you by them, but don't imagine that everything will be given to you by them.
11. Parcels with fruit were regularly sent by his parents to him from their garden.
12. A leave will be given to me in July if urgent work is not be there.
13. Three ships were offered to Columbus by the Spanish government.
14. Their children are usually sent by them to camp for summer.
15. He was charged by the officer with a very important mission.
16. I am sure the matter will be settled easily by us.
17. The driver was fined by the policeman for exceeding the speed limit.
18. She was called by somebody every day.
19. The passengers leaving for London are requested by us to register. 
20. Contracts 
will be signed by the manager tomorrow.