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Everybody is looking forward for holidays. So do I. I love holidays because it is the time of relax and doing everything you want. As for me, I prefer to go for a walk with my friends. Also, I like watching films and cartoons. So, it is better to say that on holidays I do things that I like to do. I'm happy that we have holidays four times during a year because we can have a rest from school and sleep till the midday! I love holidays!
I like my holidays because I can do what I want, for example dance all night or have a picnic in the morning. Also I like to swim in the sea or in swimming pool or change my clothiers. My friends take a part in it to!). We eat ice cream or drink cokteils in the bar. It is fantastic! We can build a house from blankets. We like to diving in the sea and collect shells. I think that we always have great time!
это элементарные правила, их изучают точно до 5 класса
I wrote in so quickly, and I forgot to check my letter:c
never mind. but if you want to help somebody, you should check it carefully in order not to let somebody down.
really sorry;c