Очень нужно сочинение на английском 16 предложений на тему " что бы сделала с 1 миллионом долларов" Можно больше)


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Everybody dreams about an amount of money. It is a popular question "what would you do if you had a one million dollars?" I personally would share the sum on several parts. So, I would spend one part for charity because I really want to help people who have diseases or other serious problems. One more part I'd spend for buying a big house somewhere outside the city for my parents. I know that they wonder to have it. And , of course, I would spend leftover money for me. I would buy new clothes, new devices. All in all, I would spend money not only for me, but also for people who are around me.
не 16, но ,думаю, неплохо
даже очень не плохо! спасибо)