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Первый лист. на больше времени не хватает, извини) надеюсь, помогла
1.A. he told me he didn't like it much.
... he was studying english.
...he had been to New York.
...she hadn't read the paper.
...woke up really early.
...had got home at 11:00
...wouldn't forget.

B. ...if I was a new student.
...if I had been here long.
...where my parents lived.
... what I was studying.
... where I had gone to school.
... if I was interested in computers.
... what my telephone number was.

C. we don't like our boss.
I will talk to him later.
We can take him to the station.
I have broken the glass.
What will you do next?
I don't want to come to the party.
I will wait for you.