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b) didn't be; would be
c) found; would take
d) ran out; would be
e) owned; would take 
f) met; would try
g) spoke; would learn
h) ruled; would be 
i) saw; would run
j) was; would help 
b) saw; would call
c) had; would fly
d) robbed; would catch 
e) had; would buy
f) lived; would go
g) slept; would be 
h) were; would visit 
if i were you...
b) I would go to the cinema 
c) I would ask my parents 
d) I would talk with my teacher 
e) I would go to the bed early
f) I would not do that, because it's bad for your health
g) I would visit a sport club
h) I would call to police