Ребят помогите пожалуйста мне нужен ПЕРЕССКАЗ текста who rules the country (кто не знает это учебник Верещагина Афанасьева 6 класс)

ребят, реально очень надо

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The queen in Britain is the head of state,but she doesnt rule, she hasnt power. She is only symbol of its traditions.The members of Royal Family are:the Queens husband,her son Prince Charles,her daughter Princess Anne and Princess Margaret and their aunt.At the beginning of 20th century many countries were ruled by Britain.In 1949 Britain founded the commonwealth, wich includes in Canada, Australia, New Zealand.The head of commonwealth was Queen.
The real power belongs to the British Government and to the British Parliament. British Parliament divided to the two houses: House of Lords and House of  Commons.
это поо Британию, в мне Америка нужна