1) Ask and answer in pairs

1 In what season are the trees not only rain?
2 In what season are the trees not only green? What colours are they?
3 Do you often play indoors in autumn?Why?
4 Do you like autumn? Why?
5 What changes in Nature do we have in spring?
6 What is your favourite season?


Ответы и объяснения

1) не знаю 2) In autumn trees not only green. They are red, orange, yellow 3) Yes, I often play indoors in autumn, because in outdoors is very dirty, windy and rainy weather 4) Yes, I like autumn, because it is very bright and amazing season 5) The snow is melt, everywhere ground covered by water and flowers and plants grow 6) My favourite season is summer, because in summer weather is warm and sunny and we have so long holiday