Напишите рассказ-отзыв о мультфильме "Холодное сердце" ИЛИ "Хатико" на англиском языке по плану:
3.Главный персонаж.


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Frozen is a family movie, it's easy to watch it even for little children. The story starts with two little sisters playing together and that's the first time we are finding out about Elza's  powers. Then Anna get her head "frozen"  and an old troll helps her. After thet day Elza never leaves her room. Then their parents die and Elza gets old enough to be the queen. Mean while Anna Falls in love with Prince " I forgot his name"   and wants to get married but Elza doesn't let her. After sisters had a little fight and Anna exposed Elza's secre so Elza runs away leaving the kingdom frozen. Anna goes to save her sister where she meets Olaf, Kristof and the rain dear. All together they are gonna try to save Elza and their kingdom. I really enjoed the moive! I think everyone should watch it!