Напишите рассказ-отзыв о мультфильме "Холодное сердце" ИЛИ "Хатико" на англиском языке по плану:
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1.Frozen is  3D computer-animated musical fantasy-comedy film.
2.Three fearless heroes: Princess Anna, brave Kristoff and his faithful deer Sven  going to the mountains to find sister of Anna - Elsa. She can free the city from icy spell. Along the way, they face a lot of exciting surprises and exciting adventure: mystical meeting with trolls, familiarity with fascinating snowman named Olaf and magic in each snowflake. Anna and Kristoff will unite and save the kingdom and those who are dear to them.
3.The main character of this film is Anna, who has a magical power.
4.This is a very kind film with exciting storyline that kids will love. I think this cartoon cheer up in the Christmas Eve.