помогите, (надо написать письмо другу не мения 85 слов)
you are on holiday. write a postcard to your friend. Include:

1) the place you are in.
2) how you like it.
3) what the weather is like.
4) what you are doing.

мне не разрышают пользоваться переводчиком (
могу дасть болше пунктов
29 March 2014
я знаю дату
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                                                                                                 29 March 2014
Thanks for your letter.It was great to hear from you again!I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with my schoolwork.
We're in Mallorca. It's lovely here and the weather is fantastic. We're at a campsite in a small village. This is a picture of the beach near the campsite. We go swimming every morning and Kate goes sailing in the afternoon too.
Well, I'd better go now as I should go for my birthday  to my  grandmother.
Drop me a letter when you can.
With best wishes,Lili                                                                                           

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У меня нету такого учебника даже, просто я нашла у себя в тетрадке старое сочинение на эту тему и написала!
это единственный человек который помог мне, так вот