Помогите с глаголоми,поставьте в правильную форму. supply the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.1. we must stop talking. the play ( to begin)now. 2. when the teacher(to walk) into the classroom the boys (to play) chess and the girls (to ralk).3. she (to prepare ) dinner when a quarrel (to break out ) among the chldren.4. he says he (to be angry) if you (not, to come) to his party. i (to agree) with him that wiyhout you the evening (to be) boring.5 i think i (to see) them last night at the mall. they (to buy) vegetables.6. when we (to leave) he was playing. i assure you that when we return he( still, to pay).7. we went through beautiful rooms, and i (can) see that they (to be ) rooms of a hospital. 8. at the door of one room the nurse (to stop, to smile, and to ask) me to be silent.9. we (to look) into the room . the two boys (to sit) near the bed of a girl who (to look) about twenty years old. she (to wear) a nice silk jacket, and she (to listen ) attentively while the little boys (to talk).


Ответы и объяснения

1. is beginning
2. walked, were playing,  were talking
3. was preparing , broke out
4. will be angry, don't come, agree, will be boring
5. saw, were buying
6. left , he will be still playing
7. could, were
8. stopped, smiled, asked
9. looked, were sitting, looked, was wearing, was listening, were talking

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