Прочитай рассказ о Золушке (Cinderella). Раскрой скобки, поставь глаголы в Past Simple.
Cinderella lived with her father, stepmother (мачехой) and two sisters in the country. She was kind and beautiful.
Cinderella got (get) up at 5 am. She ______ (clean) the rooms. Then she _____ (feed) the animals and ________ (water) the flowers. At 8 o'clock she ________ (go) to the kitchen and _______ (cook) breakfast for her stepmother and sisters.
At half past ten she _______ (lay) the table. After breakfast she _____ (make) her sisters' beds and _______ (do) the washing up.


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1 )got 2) cleaned 3) fed 4) watered 5) went 6) cooked 7)laid 8)made 9) did