Нужно рассказать смешную историю на английском!!!!Я не могу вспомнить ничего из своей жизни.

a fishmanA fisherman brought a very large fish to a rich man's house. The rich man asked the fisherman to name his price for the fish. "I don't want money," was the answer. "One hundred lashes on my back is the price of my fish. I won't take one lash less!"The rich man was surprised and said, "Well, this fisherman is very strange, but we must have the fish. So let the price be paid."After fifty lashes the fisherman cried, "Stop! Stop! I have a partner in my business and he must get his part, too

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Once the famous English writer Jonfthan Swift decided to go for a walk. His servant brought his shoes. The writer said, "What does it mean, Tom? You haven’t polished my shoes.”"No, sir,” the servant answered, "I thought you were going for a walk and your shoes would be dirty again soon.”"OK”, Swift said, "come on, I want you to accompany me.”"But I haven’t had brekfast yet.”"It doesn’t matter. You will be hungry again soon.”