Love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant- ессэ (только прошу не надо копировать с интернета и кидать в переводчик) 15-20 предложений


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This is the truest statement that a person could make. When you love, it can be blind, but if you are loving someone who has become your best friend, then it is clairvoyant. I think it is essential to have your best friend as your counterpart. Let me clarify. You meet someone. Yes you want to establish the romantic aspect of the relationship, but in that, you should be getting to know each other. The ends and outs of each other. You find out the things you love about that person. You confide in that person. They are your true best friend. Someone who you rush to tell them about your day, whether good or bad. Some people are in relationships and can't even talk to their counterpart. They can't open up and tell them how they are emotionally feeling. I am not one to judge, because I am single, but I just don't see how a relationship like that can last. I need the person that i am with to be everything for me. I want to be able to cry on their shoulder, laugh in their arms, feel confident in being able to discuss when I am angry. I know love is not perfect, hince the reason we love blindly, because we turn our eyes away from the things that are displeasing, but I believe that if you are loving someone whom you value as a friend, you can love their imperfections as much as you love them. No one is perfect. If you're looking for the perfect person, then you will always be looking. I like to say this, "You're not perfect, but you are perfect for me. " For example, someone may cuss every other word. For some that may be an automatic turn off. For others, they can just simply dismiss it. That person may not be for someone, but can be perfect for another. I know I am rambling, but I know that I want my counterpart to be my everything. I want them to be my lover, my best friend, my family, and partner in Christ. :) Peace and Blessings. Find your perfect imperfection. <3
это конечно хорошо но я видел это эссэ