Написать о своих каникулах (7-8) предложений в Past simple ( я их провела гуляя на улице находясь в макдональце и я еще ходила в кофе) сделайте так чтобы было интересно главные слова я дала:-)

My holidays have been a lot of fun! I walked a lot, meet new people find a lot of good friends! Friends I went to McDonald's. We went there every day. It was very fun! went to many cafes, as love is in a nice setting. My holidays have been a lot of fun!

Ответы и объяснения

My holiday have a lot of fun. I and my friends was in Paris. We meet a new friends. We was in DicneyLand. It was very funy. We saw a princess, kings, qeens. Our new friend told us Paris history. It has a lot of interesting Kings. And I is good in French after our travel.
My holiday have been fun. I and my friends Walk in the park, on my street. After our walk we went to McDonald's. We ate a lot of food, it was very tasty. At last day I and my parents was in the cafe. It was my Birthday !My holidays was fun! ( прошу прощения за мою не внимательность, я больше так не буду:(((( простите)