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Ukraine is very diverse topography . 70% of modern Ukraine surface occupied by lowlands , 25 % - is elevated and only 5% - the mountains .Most of the territory of Ukraine belongs to the southwestern margin of the East European Plain and has a flat and hilly terrain , just to the south rise Crimean mountains in the west - Ukrainian Carpathians . East European Plain in Ukraine consists of upland and lowland areas , coincide with the raising and lowering of the crystalline basement of the platform. Among the first and most significant Volyn Upland , Upland Podolsky , stretching from the north- west to south -east from the upper reaches of the river Bug and upper left tributaries of the Dniester valley in the Southern Bug ( height up to 471 m - Mount Kamuli ) . To the east , between the Southern Bug and Dnieper , is the Dnieper Upland (elevations to 323 m ), and on the left bank of the Dnieper, in the southeastern part of the country , a narrow strip stretches Azov Upland ( elevations to 324 m - Mount Belmak Grave ) . From the north- east it borders Donetsk ridge ( height up to 367 m - Mount Tomb - Mechetnaya ) in whose territory the frequent piles , quarries, and other forms of relief , formed as a result of human activities . In the north- east in Ukraine go spurs Central Russian Upland .