C. Change into questions supplying short answers.
Example: They have measured viruses.Have they measured viruses?1. Modem medical science has made great advances in the inves¬tigation of the causes of disease.2. The diseases of the mother have affected the developing em¬bryo.3. The smoking of two cigarettes a day has not retarded the normal growth of the foetus in the womb.4. Malaria has resulted in neither chronic ill health nor death.5. I have never had measles.D. How much ? or How many?Example: She has two children.How many children does she have?1. They have a lot of test tubes.2. They can give me some information about cloned sheep.3. Peter has studied the congenital causes of disorders this semes¬ter.4. We bought a new microscope last week.5. Our laboratory has got lots of microscopes.6. Some deformities may be due to drugs taken during preg¬nancy.7. He knows a lot about chromosomes.8. She earns $20,000 a year.


Ответы и объяснения

1 has the modern medical science made great advances in the investigation of the causes disease? 2. Have the diseases of the mother affected the developing embryo? 3.has the smoking of two cigarettes a day not regarded the normal growth of the fortis in the womb? 4.has malaria resulted in neither chronic ill health not death? 5. Have I never had measles? D. 1) how many test tubes do they have 2) how much information can they give me about cloned sheep? 3) хз 4) how many microscopes did we buy last week? 5)how many has our laboratory got ? 6) how much deformities may be taken due to drugs during pregnancy? 7) how much does he know about chromosomes 8) how much does she earn in a year