Помогите написать диалог (на английском)

Вы с зарубежным другом который гостит в вашем городе, планируете что вы будете делать на выходные.

1. Спросите свободен ли он и есть ли у него планы

2. Обсудите чем вам заняться и почему именно эти

3. Договоритесь о встречи

P.S. Друг должен отказаться 3 раза с объяснением причины


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Hey, Mike! How are you? Do you have any plans for weekend?
Hey, Nick. I’m fine, thank you. I haven’t planned anything yet. Any suggestions?
I’d like to visit the museum of modern art.  Would you like to join me?

Thank you for invitation but I don’t fancy arts at all.

What about walking around the city in the morning?

Thank you but you know I prefer to sleep till the afternoon on weekend.

What about cinema? Do you want to watch the new movie “Non-Stop”?
-   Thank you, Mike but I’ve already seen it in my country. What do you think about going to the party tonight? I heard there are very good night clubs here.
Well, it sounds like a plan. What time do you want to meet?

Around 9pm near the entrance of the metro “Concorde”, line 1.
Cool! See you tomorrow night then.
Take care.

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you're welcome :)
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i'm Ukrainian based in France :)
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