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1. My watch  was stolen yesterday.2 When Paul  entered the room , discussing  his project. 3. Look! New cinema built! 4. The teacher sent ? 5.When to tall to him ? 6.Text should  be translated .7.When the Pope arrived, things were packed.8.Word  Andrew was soon  forgotten . 9. --Where is this?-- It is translated . her translated  hour and  a half. 10. Where to build  a new store ? 11. All exerises are done. We can go to the cinema. 12.Passive voice is often  used  in English.13 John Lennon  is know  not only England .14. The meeting  will be  held  in the city center.15. This castle  was  built  in 1830 years.16.I was allowed  to go to  the cinema.