Напишите высказывание Шекспира по произведению:"Гамлет,принц датский".Высказывание на английском языке!


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I think there's work ( and , unfortunately, quite a lot) , who study at school early. I do not remember if we studied this work, but I have not read it and glad hands come only here now .So many words to say about "Hamlet" that I do not know what else to add .Well, yes , naive plot, typical palace intrigues us , sophisticated readers ( and viewers! ) It will not catch . But what is marketing! What language ! Of course , you need to read the original , in order to know all the charm , but Boris Leonidovich , thank him very much , did a wonderful translation , keeping the rhythm and " replacing" classic English perfect Russian .Hamlet - an ambiguous character , restless soul , lonely, misunderstood , thirsting for vengeance , justice and respect for the vows . But it has lost his head , mistakenly killed Polonius in a temper , who sent , by and large just like that, on the death of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern . No wonder they say that revenge - a dish that should be served cold. Otherwise it 's like here.Chain of fatal mistakes and accidents , one leads the other , leads to a tragic ending and a pile of corpses.
All the scenes are very well thought out , right before my eyes the picture unfolds , clearly presented all the characters , places, actions . And this despite the complete absence of descriptions - only monologues and dialogues . What can I say , brilliant talent , beautiful tragedy.