Привет!!! помогите мне с англ.яз. мне надо составить вопросы к кроссворду на эти слова ( demand, sale, whosale, businessman, bank, cartel, complementary goods, bizness cycle,
brand, rent, price, marketing) все вопросы должны быть составлены на английском языке...


Ответы и объяснения

If the merchantman got a huge demand for the goods will he provides them ?
how much your sale percentage you had in the last month at your market ?
do you know any businessman looking for an investment around here ?
when the bank open ?
have you heard about the new cartel that had been published in the news ?
have you read about the business cycle in our company ?
when the t-shirt brand are coming ?
where i can find a flat to rent for few days ?
why the prices in here are expensive ?
if the marketing stores increased lately will you sell your share ?