Замените в предложениях действительный
залог на страдательный.

The Thames
divides London
into 2 parts.

They have
made a number of important experiments.

He will win
the first prize.

publishing house is choosing the book to

The postman
delivers the mail at 8 a.m.

discovered America.

Поставьте прилагательное в скобках в нужную
степень сравнения.

My brother is
much ( young ) than me.

The Opera
Theatre is one of ( beautiful ) building in the city.

What is the (
late ) news?

Ann sings (
well ) than Nina.

This text is
the (difficult).

What is the (
short) month in the year?


Ответы и объяснения

London is divided into 2 parts by the Thames.
A number of important experiments have been made by they.
The first prize will be won by him.
The book is being chosen to print by the publishing house.
The mail is delivered by the postman at 8 a.m.
America was discovered by Columbus.
yonger;the beautiful;the latest;better;more difficult; the shortest.