HEEELP нужно очень срочно сделать эту работу
переделайте пожалуйста эти предложения в пассивный залог
1 They are holding a festival next month
2 The company will offer guided tours
3 They must fix the the lock on that door
4 Somebody stole a famous painting from the gallery yesterday
5 Did Robert design that leaflet?
а эти предложения в активный залог
1 Some money will be given to charity by Elaine
2 The room has been decorated by Ray
3The fence will be repaired by Jenny tomorrow
4 The Eiffel Tower is admired for its unusual design
5 That note wasn't written by Rosie.


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1. The festival is held next month 2. Guided tours will be offered by the company. 3. The lock on that door must be fixed. 4. Yesterday a famous painting was stolen from the gallery. 5. Was the leaflet designed by Robert? 1. Elaine will give some money to charity. 2. Ray has decorated the room. 3. Tomorrow Jenny will repair the fence. 4. We admire the Eiffel Tower for its unusual design. 5. Rosie didn' t write that note.