сочинение из 6-7 предложений , в виде письма бабушке об отдыхе на море.


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Dear, Granny!

I haven*t seen you for ages. But I reterned home only yesterday.  I *d like to tell you about my travelling to the sea. It was my first time when I saw the Red Sea. I was really beautiful. It was really different from the Black sea. I was shocked  when I saw  a great number of fish in the water near the coast: didderent size and colours! And the other thing that shocked me were corals. We went to the sea voyage and dived there. It was very exciting! I saw beautiful coral gardend with  different "trees".  I have a lot to tell you about but my friends are waiting for me in the street. I have to go.

I*ll come to you next week and tell you everything in details.

See you soon,

Love, Vera