ПОМОГИТЕ НАПИСАТЬ СОЧИНЕНИЕ(ПИСЬМО) НУ НАЧИНАЕТСЯ ( ПРИВЕТ ДЖУЛИ, МЫ ПИШЕМ ПИСЬМО ИЗ ЛОНДОНА ) ну и про то что они там делали ,как отдыхали понравилось ли им или нет ,СРОЧНО !!!!!!


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Hello my dear July,
I am writing you from London. London is a great city. There are many interesting places here. I am having a wonderful time. Some hours ago I saw Big Ben. This tower was constructed many years ago as the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. The palace is now better known as the Houses of Parliament.
Yesterday, for example, I saw the London Eye, it is a giant observation wheel in the center of London. Also I visited Hyde Park, British Museum, and The National Gallery. I took many photos! I strongly advise you to visit these historical places!

Best wishes,