Срочно.... Помогите пожалуйста...
Выберите правильный вариант.

1. This is a picture of ... town where I was born.

a)— , b) a, c) an, d) the.

2. I read the story from ... beginning to ... end.

a) —, b) a, c) an, d) the.

3. The Smiths are ... on holidays.

a) in, b) out, c) away, d) over.

4. I wonder where ... now.

a) is he, b) he is, c) was he, d) he was.

5. I'm afraid we can do ... to help him.

a) something, b) anything, c) nothing, d) everything.

6. Jane isn't ... enough to go out to parties. a) tall, b) beautiful, c) clever, d) old.

7. We'll do our ... to win the contest.

a) good, b) better, c) best, d) well.

8. It's cold here. Can we look for ... room?

a) other, b) others, c) the other, d) some other.

9. I remember ... her the book.

a) give, b) to give, c) giving, d) being.

10. We used ... next-door neighbours.

a) to be, b) being, c) having been, d) to have been.

11. When ... that unexpected questions I didn't know what to answer.

a) asking, b) asked, c) was asked, d) being asked.

12. We know Robert ... school last year.

a) to finish, b) to be finishing, c) to be finished, d) to have finished.

13. I can't hear anything. Will you stop ... ?

a) talking, b) talk, c) to talk, d) having talked.

14. How long you ... speak English?

a) can, b) could, c) have been able to, d) did you have to.

15. When you phoned me I ... a newspaper.

a) read, b) am reading, c) have read, d) was reading.

16. There was nothing interesting, ... ?

a) wasn't it, b) was it, c) wasn't there, d) was there.

17. This fish ... look fresh to me.

a) isn't it, b) doesn't, c) aren't, d) don't.

18. Please, find out if the timetable ... .

a) change, b) is changing, c) changed, d) has changed.

19. We thought you ... later.

a) come, b) came, c) have come, d) would come.

20. I want you to do as you ... .

a) tell, b) are telling, c) are told, d) were telling.


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