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55. What sports do you do?
56. What sports are you good at?
57. What winter sports do you like?
58. What are summer sports?
59. What are your favourite indoor sports?
60. What outdoor sports do your regularly play with your friends?
61. What ball games can you play at school?
62. What are winter months?
63. What are summer months?
64. What are autumn months?
65. What are spring months?
66. What is your favourite month of the year and why?
67. What clothes do you wear in winter?
68. What clothes do you wear in summer?
69. What clothes do you wear in autumn/fall?
70. What clothes do you wear in spring?


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55. I do tennis.
56. I good at tennis.
57. I like skiing.
58. Beach volleyball , soccer, surfing, baseball, tennis.
59. Snooker, bowling,table tennis, badminton , chess.
60. I regular walking and surfing.
61. I can't play any sport at school.
62. They are December, January and February.
63. They are June, July and August.
64. They are September, October and November.
65. They are March , April and May.
66. My favorite month is April because there are many flowers around in April.
67. I wear scarf, cap, boots , and gloves.
68 I wear shoes , a hat.
69 I wear warm clothes.
70. I wear simple clothes.