Придумать к тексту 5 вопросовMy country grandmother lives in a narrow street. There isa large gate, an apple tree, and a big yard in front of her house.It is a quiet and nice place. There is a big kitchen garden and anorchard near her house. There is also a market place in herneighbourhood.My country grandmother lives in a private house. It has gottwo bedrooms, a living-room, a kitchen and a hall. There is alsoa small patio leading to the garden. My grandmother grows flo-wers there.When I visit my country grandmother, she teaches me togrow vegetables. We go to the forest and gather berries andmushrooms there. We ride our bikes to the river together. Wefeed the chickens and rabbits on the farm. I like to visit herduring my weekends very much.I really don’t know which place I like more: a city or a village.I like them both.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Where does my country grand mother live?
2. Who lives in a narrow street?
3. Which house does my country grandmother live in?
4. When does she teach me to grow vegetables?
5. Which place do I like more?