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An unusual student
There is an unusual student in Class One of Kapkendulywa Primary School in Kenya. Kimani Maruge is Class One's star pupil. But he is a bit different from his classmates. Kimani Maruge is 85 years old. He wears a hearing aid and uses a stick to walk. But every morning he arrives at the school and sits down in the classroom.
’I can't read or write, and now this is my chance to learn,' Kimani says. ‘For the first time there is free education in Kenya. It is very important to me. A person is never too old to learn.'
Jane Obinchu, the head teacher of the primary school, agrees with her new pupil. ‘I think it is a good idea,' she says.
Kimani has to do the same as all the other students in the class. He has to sit at the same desk and wear the same uniform - a white shirt, blue shorts and a blue jumper. He is a very good student. He works very hard in class. Kimani's teacher, Ezric Muniu, says, ‘Kimani is so clever. Now he reads the newspapers.'
Joseph and Charles are Kimani's classmates. They are both eight years old. Joseph says, ‘Now he is our friend. He teaches us songs and tells us stories about the old times.' Charles agrees. ‘My grandparents live very far from here, so it is good that we can have Guga.' Kimani's nickname in class is Guga. It means ‘grandad'.
Education in Kenya is now free and for everyone. But there aren't enough schools. In Kapkendulywa Primary School there are now 890 students - that's 100 pupils in each class! ‘But we are happy that so many children have a chance to learn,' says Mrs Obinchu.