9.Present Simple or Present Progressive?

1) What company( to be)_______you with?—I ( to work)______________at Orange Computers.

2) Can Isee the Personnel Manager?—I’m afraid, you can’t. He (to have)_______________ lunch now.

3) At the moment Forever Young Ltd.(to launch)_____________ a new product.

4) Every year our company (to put)____________ a brand new washing machine on the market.

5) Hurry up, please.The taxi(to wait )____________outside.

6) Nestle ( to produce)______________chocolate and food products.

7) This week Mr Green( to work)________________ in our London Office.

8) Mr Brown (to have)____________ a meeting. Could you call a little later, please?


Ответы и объяснения

1) are you with? - I work at
2) is having
3) is launching
4) puts
5) is waiting
6) produces
7) is working
8) is having